FAA Approves Menet Aero Commercial UAS Operations

MILWAUKEE - Menet Aero Inc. on Friday received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to provide commercial unmanned aircraft system, or drone, services. The FAA granted Menet Aero a Section 333 Exemption, which is required for commercial drone operations. The exemption permits the company to provide contract aerial data collection for use by industries such as construction project management, precision agriculture, geological survey, structural inspection, aerial photography and videography, real estate and insurance inspection.

"I'm excited to provide organizations a safe, legal and effective resource for UAS services," says Menet Aero owner and founder Peter Menet. "There are countless ways to use this technology to enhance businesses, but many companies don't have the aviation and UAS experience necessary to bring these operations in house. That's where we come in."

Unlike many exemption holders, Menet Aero’s exemption does not limit it to a specific industry, use or type of UAS platform when providing contract drone services. This flexibility allows it to help organizations in a broad range of industries use UAS technology to enhance their business.

"I’ve talked with many businesses across a variety of industries and one theme has consistently emerged,” says Menet. “They want to leverage UAS technology, but once they learn what it takes to get an exemption, stand up a flight department, and keep on top of the technology and FAA regulations, they don't necessarily want to commit resources to do it.”

The popularity and accessibility of drones has exploded in recent years, with many high-performing UAS platforms becoming more affordable for individual consumers. Many companies who want to use drones have found UAS enthusiasts who are willing to provide UAS services for hire. “But without permission from the FAA, those operators are operating illegally, and could end up exposing the companies who hire them to a lot of risk."

You can view our Section 333 Exemption here.