Energy and Utilities

Energy, utilities, and other critical infrastructure networks are vital to the United States security and economy.  Rapid response and deployment are vital in the face of outages or issues.  UAS technology can not only meet the demand for high speed response but actually shift from reactive to proactive via leading edge inspection procedures, policies, and predictive data sets.   Menet Aero's team of pilots with DOD clearances are not only allowed to fly restricted critical infrastructure, but provide your network the next level of safety and liability reduction by remotely inspecting hazardous facilities or incidents with the most highly qualified team of aviators in the industry. Combined with our Level 3 Thermography capabilities and timely delivery of data, your team can schedule maintenance and assets more efficiently as well as quickly make decisions for planning, development, and preconstruction all the way through tracking and addressing potential project liability litigation.  Our specialized aircraft and equipment are specifically suited to operate in high output transmission environments.

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