Military & Federal

Menet Aero systems are used by the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and joint organizations for a variety of applications, including telecommunications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). They are engineered from the ground up to be tethered systems, so they are more rugged and last longer than battery systems modified to use ground-based power through a tether.

Our systems are powered using a tether to connect the aircraft to a power source, and can be integrated into various vehicles, trailers, vessels, and other platforms to provide seamless integration into the mission and battlefield. They accommodate payloads of up to 40 lbs and can be optimized to reach hover heights up to 1,000 feet  AGL.

The software and flight control systems used to operate our drones are open source, allowing our customers to integrate their software or use DOD-developed and approved software easily.

American Made

Our systems comply with U.S. policies (EO 13981, EO 14005, and NDAA ’20 Section 848) that:

  • Direct federal agencies to abstain from procuring UAS manufactured by foreign adversaries,
  • Aim to ensure UAS systems are produced in the U.S.,
  • Strengthen the U.S. UAS industrial base, and
  • Limit the risk of malicious systems or hardware being embedded in components that are produced outside of the U.S.

DUNS: 117874481  |  CAGE/NCAGE: 8YER5  |  SAM: D467WHGKBDZ7