As a UAS industry leader Menet Aero’s training goes far beyond learning how to “wiggle the sticks” and pass a 60-question FAA test, which is what most UAS training programs are focused on. Instead, our goal is to train our clients to develop a safe, successful, and sustainable program that will allow you to realize the benefits of aviation without incurring the additional short and long term risks associate with it.

A key component to the success of any training program is learning from those who work in your industry. Menet Aero’s trainers are also service providers. We train others because we understand that it may not be cost effective to have us on site for low-risk, routine flights. As stewards of the UAS industry, it is in our interest to make sure these operations are done right. That includes acquiring, processing, and knowing how to analyze the data gathered by UAS.

If your organization is ready to realize the benefits an aviation program can offer, Menet Aero is here to train your team how to establish a program that will stand the test of time.

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