When Menet Aero started offering UAS inspection services, we knew our first step was to work side by side with industry experts that had been conducting these inspections for years. After all, the key to successfully leveraging aviation is knowing the operation we’re supporting from the ground up.

Inspections with UAS can increase safety by limiting exposure risk in certain environments. Although this is widely advertised as the primary selling point of UAS it is only part of the story. The truth is that UAS do not eliminate risk, they simply shift it. Today’s inspection techniques and procedures have evolved over years, and in some cases, decades. Although current inspection techniques may be risky, their risks are well known and are being mitigated.

UAS inspections on the other hand, are still an emerging capability. The equipment is widely varied and lacks any known certification standard. The licensing requirements for remote pilots as set by the FAA is minimal and doesn’t even require a practical exam. Additionally, the data acquired with a UAS inspection may not be adequate to replace traditional inspections.

Considering this information, trading mitigated exposure risk for the risk of an inadequately trained pilot flying an unproven aircraft over billions of dollars of critical infrastructure to acquire data that may only be marginally useful, starts to sound like a bad trade. Yet, many organizations are blindly doing this very thing every day.

If your organization’s goal is to leverage UAS to reduce risk, we encourage you to start by working with a low risk aviation company like Menet Aero. Our pilot training is based on proven military aviation training. Most our personnel have DoD security clearances. We only use commercial grade equipment. Our risk mitigation procedures are the same ones we’ve used for multimillion dollar aircraft in combat environments. Most of all, we have been trusted for decades to provide aviation support people and organizations all over the globe in some of the most challenging environments imaginable.

This is why Menet Aero is who the experts turn to.

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