It’s a fact UAS can offer companies countless benefits and return on investment of time, money, safety and quality of data.  UAS can operate at less than 5% of manned aircraft fuel costs alone.  Because commercial UAS operations are relatively new, most companies have questions on where even to begin to incorporate this game changing technology.  

Make no mistake that UAS in indeed a disruptive technology, and keeping up with its capabilities can be overwhelming at times. Menet Aero understands that UAS services do not often end after the UAS mapping mission, and the customer may want to know how best to utilize the data in hand. Along with our data processing  and value added analysis, we proudly offer consultation services that relate to our geospatial and aviation expertise. Our academic research and defense related connnections also allows for us to connect the customer with consultants who are experts in a particular niche of the UAS market.

Because Menet Aero has a consistent track record flying in the prominent industries that depend on UAS, we have helped companies both large and small by providing complete UAS Integration Strategies.  Beginning to end we will help you set up a successful UAS operation, properly outsource UAS service providers, or a combination of both.

If your company is interested in exploring the potential of UAS, Menet Aero can provide consultation in several key areas:

  • A complete evaluation and analysis of business practices and operations to identify where UAS would be the best fit as well as determine the level of benefit and ROI.
  • Provide a complete training program, both initial and recurrent, for your pilot team, UAS data management staff, or UAS managed services administrators.
  • Aircraft, ground systems, hardware, and data software selection that best suit your operations.

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