Vegetation Remediation

When it comes to using UAS as a tool in applied scientific research, Menet Aero loves to be involved. 

In May of 2012, a wildfire burned approximately 8900 ha of land in the Department of Natural Resource’s Newberry Conservation District, located northwest of Newberry, Michigan.  After the fire, efforts by the DNR to salvage timber and replant portions of the burned area began. In addition to the managed regrowth, natural regeneration was anticipated.  Michael Bomber, a graduate student researcher at Michigan State University, and key contributor to the Menet Aero team has addressed the question as to how well UAV data can detect spatial patterns at finer resolutions. Mike is working with Dr. Raechel White in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University where they are working closely with the UAS data collection experts at Menet Aero to revolutionize how vegetation recovery monitoring can be performed with UAS.

Although, this research is still ongoing, the data collected by UAS and multi-spectral sensor clearly demonstrates this method provides imagery at a resolution exponentially higher and cheaper than what traditional satellite imagery provides. Both Mike and Dr. White have already begun to explore how the methods they are developing on this project can be related to other ecological studies that involve the need to monitor vegetation at both a high spatial and temporal resolution. Menet Aero is delighted to be a part of their ongoing research efforts.

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