Tethered Traffic Analysis

Traffic Analysis and Design Inc. (TADI), a company focused exclusively on traffic engineering, approached Menet Aero with an innovative idea to use UAS as a tool to gather traffic data. The goal was to be able to take video of an intersection and the different approaches automobiles used to access it for an extended period during rush hour conditions. The video could then be used by TADI analysts to perform automated or manual traffic counts to develop accurate traffic flow models.

Since it is ideal to understand where traffic is coming from and not just how it interacts with an intersection, an accurate study requires a large, scattered ground crew or a helicopter. Ground crews have a limited field of view but can be present for hours. Helicopters have a wide field of view but are usually limited by fuel to 90 minutes of coverage or less. Both methods are expensive.

Working together, TADI, Menet Aero, and a tether manufacturer designed and built a system for Menet Aero's commercial-grade UAS. Together, this tether solution offers a safe, reliable way to film an intersection and all the approaches for extended periods of time utilizing a crew of two. The analysts at TADI now have another tool they can choose from to do their job more efficiently.

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