Post construction thermal tank inspection

Endpoint Solutions had just completed construction of a two-million-gallon heated bulk storage tank for an asphalt company and they wanted to get some aerial photos and videos for marketing purposes. They contacted Menet Aero because their project was for a high-profile client with demanding safety standards and they wanted the best UAS team possible.

Menet Aero not only provided high quality photos and video but they also performed a photogrammetry survey of the site and thermal inspection of the tank. Using the ground control set by Endpoint Solutions' surveyor the Menet Aero geospatial analysis team produced a high accuracy orthomosaic and point cloud that the civil engineers at Endpoint could use for post construction analysis and future construction planning. The thermal imagery was sent to Bowen Infrared for analysis and ultimately verified the structural integrity of the tank.

This project is an example of how UAS data from one collection mission can be leveraged in several valuable ways. The key to success is having the right partners and the right equipment.

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