Drainage Modeling

Excavated areas, such as with construction sites and open pit mining operations, are great for UAS photogrammetry mission due to the lack of vegetative cover. That lack of vegetative cover, however, also means that these locations are prone to excessive erosion. Not only does this spell for numerous headaches related to every day operations at the site, but also can mean being subjected to fines and citations from regulatory bodies. In this case study, we had a mining operation experiencing high amounts of erosion in their open pit operation, and wanted to engage in some type of erosion mitigation measures. In order to control erosion, one needs to determine where the erosion is taking place, and this is possible by 'burning' a drainage network into the DSM. By ordering the streams in this drainage network, we were then able to identify areas where concentrated erosion was taking place, and where erosion berms could be placed. This drainage modeling serves as an excellent example of how value-added data analysis can take UAS data to a whole new level in terms of decision making and lowering overhead costs in a variety of extraction based industries.

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