Central America Mine

For Geologists, a high resolution orthomosaic is much more than a pretty picture, and getting high resolution imagery for locations outside of the U.S. using piloted aircraft is often not an option. For this gold mine operation in Central America, the satellite imagery did not have the needed resolution for any geologic features to show up, and hiring a plane was out of the questions (a plane flying above in this part of the world is not exactly welcome). The geologists also wanted elevation contour data at a much higher resolution than topographic data available to them. After struggling with the use of ground-based survey equipment in the rugged and heavily vegetated terrain, the geologists asked Menet Aero to generate some high resolution data of the area. The Menet Aero team used their geospatial and aviation expertise to plan out missions in this rugged terrain, and came away with imagery at 5cm resolution imagery, much better than the 1 meter resolution from before. The team was also able to work with the Digital Surface Model (DSM - which has elevation for everything on the surface including trees and buildings) and convert a portion of the study area into a Digital Elevation Model (DEM - which is elevation values of the bare ground). At Menet Aero we like to stress to our clients that topographic data created by phogrammetric methods in Bundle Block software is not the same as what LiDAR data produces, and converting a DSM into a DEM is not an easy process, especially with dense vegetated ground cover, nor will the results be the same quality of a LIDAR data set

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