Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Aerial mapping and survey has played a vital role in architecture, engineering, and construction for decades.  UAS technology now allows your organization to collect more precise and accurate data for up to an 80% cost reduction compared to manned aircraft or traditional survey methods.  This translates to overall project ROI and budget but more importantly a reduction in time from months or weeks to just days before you have comprehensive data in hand to make decisions with confidence during critical planning and high detail design phases.  Menet Aero will also support your team during construction with measurable real time progress monitoring and provide post project communication tools for your customers, shareholders, and media.  Our AEC team has engineering backgrounds so not only will your jobs be executed by the most experienced UAS pilots in the industry, when it comes to deliverable data Menet Aero speaks your language.


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Aerial Thermal Inspection

See the unseen so you can take action.

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