Environmental Monitoring

For the Geospatial team at Menet Aero, one of the most promising, yet overlooked, markets for UAS lies in Environmental Monitoring. Using aerial platforms to monitor changes in the environment has been utilized for decades, but that data was often expensive and the coarse pixel resolution of the imagery relegated studies in environmental change to large areas, such as research of suburbanization, or loss of rain forest. Studies of environmental change were limited to when satellite imagery covered an area, and when that area was reasonably free of clouds. On demand imagery aquisition was limitted to scientific studies with large amounts of funding. Now UAS technology promises to completely revolutionize the scale at which we engage in enviornmental monitoring. 

When equipped with a multi-band sensor that captures imagery cabable of 'seeing' what we cannot at pixel resolution of 2-5 centimeters, a UAS platform is capable of capturing environmental conditions of a given area that no satellite or ground based survey could ever achieve, and at a pricing point that allows for multiple image acquisition missions over a given period of time. This ability to gather data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis provides the customer to set the temporal resolution that they desire. For the construction crew, this might mean lowering overhead cost to monitor erosion and association erosion control efforts. For the mining operation, this high spatial and temporal resolution data set means that vegetation restoration efforts are not only cheaper than ground based surveys, but much more accurate and easier to assess.

Take a look a the slide show and you can see how a multi-band sensor picks up areas of healthy vegetation for where this customer was interested in turning former swampy farmland into a wetland 'bank'. By taking muliband imagery over that same area over a several month period, the Geospatial team at Menet Aero was able to determine the not only the percent rate growth of wetland vegetation, but also pin-point areas where growth was either slow or fast.

Simply put, when equipped with the right sensor, UAS technology holds the potential to dramatically reduce overhead operating costs for those currently engaged in environmental monitoring through ground-based survey efforts. Let Menet Aero work with you to both lower overhead costs, and achieve documented, accurate data where you need it most.

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