Many industries and organizations are realizing UAS integration offers countless advantages, applications and return on investment.  While some companies are still struggling to understand where UAS data can complement their business, we have been successfully helping companies do this for years.  Menet Aero is successfully working with experts because we are able speak their language. By understanding their operation we can help them realize the best way to leverage UAS.  

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

When engineering and construction are involved, there is no substitute for precise and accurate aerial surveys.

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities are part of U.S. critical infrastructure. The professional expertise at Menet Aero can help.

Environmental Monitoring

Low cost and accurate environmental monitoring with UAS

International Operations

Menet Aero Engages in International Markets and Projects


Lower overhead costs and improve upon accuracy with mining data

Defense, Public Safety & Government

Menet Aero's Defense / Public Safety / Government page is available to federal, state, and local agencies. Apply for credentials here.